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As part of the 12-week program, PACE supports the parents by engaging them in twelve weeks of family development. During the twelve-week period, parents and youth are engaged in dynamic interactive experiences changing unhealthy mindsets and values by practicing exercises designed to affirm self-worth and improve communication between youth and parent. The program allows parents and youth to bond again and lift self-esteem, but it also takes youth and parent through learning experiences that build character and demonstrate problem-solving between them. Each week parents and youth are challenged and encouraged to return to class with feedback to share with others. Meals are provided weekly.


PACE offers a 12-week life skills program, where youth and their parents meet separately with professional instructors and counselors, participating in various services including:

  • Educational training
  • Group and individual counseling
  • Asset development
  • Employment readiness training

The curriculum includes interactive training and discussions about:

  • Anger management
  • Self-esteem
  • Character development
  • Dealing with obstacles
  • Decision making/problem solving
  • Effective communication
  • Goal setting
  • Drug awareness
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

Fun and fellowship

PACE offers dinner for the youth and parents before each meeting, and also incorporates field trips, music, and games into the program. Volunteers include coaches and leaders with successful careers and families, who demonstrate by example–showing the value of being successful in the community.


After 12 weeks of education, training, and fellowship, PACE leadership hosts a graduation ceremony honoring those who have completed the program. Each graduate receives a Completion Certificate and a T-shirt.
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"I heard the bowling outing yesterday was a great success and even a first time experience for many of the kids. Thanks for all you are doing. Many parents of participants have commented on the visible changes occurring in their kids. Keep up the good work."
- D.J.- Retired Juvenile Probation
  Officer Administrator