PACE Youth - Executive Summary

A Collaboration between PACE Youth Programs, Inc. & Harris County Juvenile Probation Department

Juvenile offenders and their families residing in Harris County face multiple challenges that place them at greater risk for increased violence, drug abuse and incarceration. By the end of fiscal year 2013, the cost per day to incarcerate a youth in a Texas Juvenile Justice Department institutional facility was $365, which equates to an annualized cost per youth of $133,225. This cost includes direct institutional operational costs, indirect administrative costs and fringe benefits.

Interventions for juvenile offenders should alter their behavior in ways that reduce their delinquency and improve their chances to prosper as productive citizens. There are very few faith-based non-residential organizations dedicated to assisting youth offenders in Harris County communities. The PACE program has worked with more than 1600 youth referred by Texas Youth Commission and the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department over the last 14 years. This population had the potential of being committed to the new Texas Juvenile Justice Department but instead, more than 858 youth successfully completed the PACE program. Without this success rate, the State of Texas would have spent over $76 million dollars if these youth had been committed to a Texas Juvenile Justice Department Facility.

The PACE program primarily targets male offenders referred to the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department (HCJPD) and their families. PACE Youth Programs Inc. provides offenders with specific opportunities to focus on developing their own (P)roper self-image, (A)cademics, (C)haracter, and(E)mployment by offering educational training, individual counseling, employment readiness, parenting training, weekly meals, field trips and much more. Through the coordinated efforts of PACE and HCJPD, it is our hope that at least 85% of enrolled youth remain arrest-free, saving tax payers millions and millions of dollars per year. Preliminary department statistics from 2010-2014 reveal that approximately 73% of youth who participated in PACE did not re-offend.

Working together, the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department and PACE Youth Programs Inc. are creating possibilities today for new tomorrow.

Steven Holloway, Founder/ CEO

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"I find the PACE program is very informative. I got a lot out of each session. It's very therapeutic to be able to talk to other parents that are kind of 'in the same boat' so to speak. It was also been quite an eye opener. I had no idea of how bad things are in some of our neighborhoods. Our counselor has an easy going way about him and maintains a good rapport with all the parents. He gives information in a way that is easy to understand and encourages feedback and participation."
- M.J., parent